Free Ethical Hacking Workshop – Pokhara oct 2016 “Hackers For Charity”, Hackers House



And “Hackers For Charity” is rolling. This is day 1 image.

“Cyber Security For All. Forever Free” #hackersHouse  Thanks for volunteers.   #CyberAware   #nhc   #hcnepal

Call us for training : 9846618997

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Free Ethical Hacking Workshop – Kathmandu oct 2016 “Hackers For Charity”, Hackers House

काठमाडौं मा “Hackers For Charity – NHC” अन्तर्गत पोखरा देखि ktm सम्म आयेर Oct 17, 2016 देखि सुरु भयेको “Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security” तीन दिने वोर्क्सोप आज समापन गर्न सफल भयेको छु । सर्बप्रथम, धन्येबाद चाइ RAC KTM Mid-Town लाई दिन चाहन्छु । धन्येबाद स्वोरूप, धेरै न सके पनि, केइ रकम चाइ Rtr. Alisha Rajbahak (Vice President of RAC KTM MID-TOWN for RY 2016-17) लाई हस्तान्तरण गरेको छु र सो रकम उहाँ आबद्ध रहेको RAC KTM Mid-Town Club मा जाने छ ।

तेसै गरि, RAC KTM MID-TOWN कै भाइ Rtr. Santosh Purbey, Rtr Kapil Ghimire, Rtr.Prabin Sharma र मलाइ Troubleshoot/Volunteer मा अत्याधिक सहयोग गर्ने भाइ Krishna Chalise , Pradeep Kc र Bishnu Chapagain भाइ लाई पनि धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद दिन चाहन्छु ।

-Regards : Bijay Acharya (

#nhc #CyberAware #ktmWorkshop #EthicalHacking 

ktm-workshop-by-nhc-bijay-acharya-1 ktm-workshop-by-nhc-bijay-acharya

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Free Hacking Event in Kathmandu 2016, KTM Nepal. “Hackers For Charity” – NHC Powered – HCNEPAL

Event Timing: October 17,18,19th, 2016
Event Address: Kathmandu. (Exact venue & Time will be fixed later on)
Contact us at : 9846618997 (Bijay Acharya)

FILL Online Form Here (Read carefully before filling form)

Send Payment within 24 hrs of form fill up. So read form before filling up.


Trainer : Bijay Acharya (ECC CEH v9. Trained Personnel)

Bank Detail To Send Nrs.600 :

A/C Number : 1210017514092

Name : Bijay Acharya

Bank : Nabil

Call on number : 9846618997 before sending money. And send money before oct 5. For Seat Booking, First Come First Serve. Those who fills form and sends money first, then they will get seat.

Remember, Training Hall fee + Projector Fee is not included in Nrs.600. Since, the training is for charity, so training hall’s fee + Projector’s Fee must be collected via students. Fill form and send money, only if you accept this condition. Don’t worry, you are getting Nrs. 5000 discount already. In case of hall+projector fee, it will not be more than Nrs.500.


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