Report Cyber Crime in Nepal [Survey]

Strong Warning : Don’t use this form to send Fake Reports, Spam Messages/Links. Do not ever try to Joke with us. Be Real, Be Hero. Send us a cyber crime activities going around your circle. Only for Nepalese & Nepal.

Strong Notice : This form is just for survey. No response will be sent to you once you filled form. To report cybercrime, please go to this official Nepal Police site,, call them and ask where to go for getting help.

Only fill the form if you want to help us in survey. Otherwise, do not fill the form.

Report Cyber Crime in Nepal (Only for Nepalese)

Report Condition like, (Fake social media profiles,pages,groups...fake blog posts, hoax informations, spam messages, illegally shared copyrighted materials like nepali musics, movies and videos. . . illegal hacking contents and services)

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