Free Ethical Hacking Workshop – Pokhara oct 2016 “Hackers For Charity”, Hackers House



And “Hackers For Charity” is rolling. This is day 1 image.

“Cyber Security For All. Forever Free” #hackersHouse  Thanks for volunteers.   #CyberAware   #nhc   #hcnepal

Call us for training : 9846618997

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Free Ethical Hacking Workshop – Kathmandu oct 2016 “Hackers For Charity”, Hackers House

काठमाडौं मा “Hackers For Charity – NHC” अन्तर्गत पोखरा देखि ktm सम्म आयेर Oct 17, 2016 देखि सुरु भयेको “Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security” तीन दिने वोर्क्सोप आज समापन गर्न सफल भयेको छु । सर्बप्रथम, धन्येबाद चाइ RAC KTM Mid-Town लाई दिन चाहन्छु । धन्येबाद स्वोरूप, धेरै न सके पनि, केइ रकम चाइ Rtr. Alisha Rajbahak (Vice President of RAC KTM MID-TOWN for RY 2016-17) लाई हस्तान्तरण गरेको छु र सो रकम उहाँ आबद्ध रहेको RAC KTM Mid-Town Club मा जाने छ ।

तेसै गरि, RAC KTM MID-TOWN कै भाइ Rtr. Santosh Purbey, Rtr Kapil Ghimire, Rtr.Prabin Sharma र मलाइ Troubleshoot/Volunteer मा अत्याधिक सहयोग गर्ने भाइ Krishna Chalise , Pradeep Kc र Bishnu Chapagain भाइ लाई पनि धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद दिन चाहन्छु ।

-Regards : Bijay Acharya (

#nhc #CyberAware #ktmWorkshop #EthicalHacking 

ktm-workshop-by-nhc-bijay-acharya-1 ktm-workshop-by-nhc-bijay-acharya

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अध्यन भन्छ ; Facebook मा Like गन्दै बस्ने हरुको जीवन मा कुनै लक्ष्य हुदैन !

Do you count the ‘Likes’ you get on Facebook? Then you may have lost purpose in your life, claims study.

Learn Hacking in Nepali Language. Videos here :

  • Researchers at Cornell studied the effects of ‘likes’ on people’s self-esteem
  • They also looked into how this varied in people with a sense of purpose
  • Users who reported getting more likes also reported greater self-esteem
  • It may not be a good thing to base self-esteem on receiving compliments



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Facebook’s satellite has been damaged in an explosion – HC Nepal

By : Bijay Acharya  | Add him in Facebook here >  |  Follow him in twitter : @acharya_bijay   | Subscribe his tutorial channel for ethical hacking videos (in nepali language) here > >Student Video Tutorial

According to TechCrunch, the satellite has been damaged few hours ago during a test of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on a launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

No lives were lost in the explosion, however the rocket and its payload were destroyed.

The rocket was scheduled to launch into space on September 3 2016, carrying Facebook’s first satellite into space with it.

Specifically, the rocket was to launch the Amos-6 communication satellite, which will enable Facebook beam Internet for its initiative.

TechCrunch stated that Facebook and France-based satellite provider Eutelsat had spent US$95 million to secure a five year lease on the satellite’s Ka-band communication array.

UPDATE 1: Mark Zuckerberg, presently in Kenya, has confirmed the damage of the satellite, expressing his disappointment. According to Mark, the satellite was set to provide connectivity to numerous entrepreneurs and basically everyone on the continent.

UPDATE 2: Mark assured that despite this setback, people would still be connected to the Internet because it has other technologies in place such as Aquila, which was tested a while back.

Source: TechCrunch

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43 million passwords hacked in breach – HC Nepal

By : Bijay Acharya  | Add him in Facebook here >  |  Follow him in twitter : @acharya_bijay   | Subscribe his tutorial channel for ethical hacking videos (in nepali language) here > >Student Video Tutorial

Crikey: 43,570,999 user accounts were breached in a hack of that occurred in March of 2012, according to a report from LeakedSource. Three months after the breach, in June of 2012, issued the following statement: 

“We are currently investigating the leak of some user passwords. This follows recent password leaks on other sites, as well as information posted online. As a precautionary measure, we’re asking all our users to change their passwords immediately.”

The number of passwords and the severity of the hack were not uncovered until today. The passwords were stored using unsalted MD5 hashing. Rather than storing passwords in plaintext, nearly every site that stores critical user information utilizes some form of hashing. Hashing is a method for encrypting data, but some methods are far superior to others.

MD5 is seriously out of style, in part because it is not mathematically intensive enough to resist modern methods of brute-force cracking. Moreover, didn’t use salt in its hashing process. Salting is the practice of adding a random string of numbers to the hash for each individual password, making them more secure and decreasing the likelihood that they will be cracked if the passwords are ever leaked online. Unfortunately, did not take that step, and LeakedSource reports that most of the passwords were easily cracked.

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Hackers can track your keystrokes through your Wi-Fi signal – HC Nepal

By : Bijay Acharya  | Add him in Facebook here >  |  Follow him in twitter : @acharya_bijay   | Subscribe his tutorial channel for ethical hacking videos (in nepali language) here > >Student Video Tutorial

There’s almost nothing more private on your computer than the keystrokes you type in.

Think of typing your passwords, all your emails and instant messages, your Social Security number and credit card numbers, and even more private information meant only for the eyes of a select few. Now imagine all of those sensitive details landing in hands of strangers.

American and Chinese academics built a keystroke recognition system called WiKey consisting, at its simplest, of a standard router (sender) and laptop (receiver). WiKey can recognize typed keys in the middle of the system based on how the Wi-Fi signal lands on the receiver.

“In real-world experiments, WiKey can recognize keystrokes in a continuously typed sentence with an accuracy of 93.5 percent,” the researchers wrote.

Wi-Fi signals saturate our cities. By tracking the signal distortions, a whole new avenue of spying opens up.


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